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Icreon Communications is premier bespoke process-driven service provider catering specialties to all web services. Established in the year 2000, the company has carved a niche for itself by offering quality services at affordable rates. So far, we have served some of the most reputed brands like National Geographic Channel, Pepsi, UNDP, ILO - India & Geneva, History Channel, GE, Compaq, Wipro, Galileo, Kenya Airways, Sita World Travel, Citi Discounts, Computer Supermarket, Homes Alone, etc. In addition we also have experience in providing services for startup ventures, SMEs and established organizations to assist them in realizing their web based solutions that deliver desired results conveniently. Contact US

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Business On Google Happy New Year 2010

Wishing you a wonderful 2010. Don't too hard but work smart. May your boss/clients/customers appreciate you and say
. Take care of yourself
. Pamper yourself and buy some beautiful . Don't worry coz will come from above. May you also purchase or change a and a . May the days ahead be busy but easy , and go around the world. It's important to have good health, therefore, eat more and , but not too much . Do remember to at least once a week. Don't with your sweetheart, and be generous to say . Any plan to ? Here's wishing that your child will well and best wishes to all your .

Happy New Year 2010

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Multilingual (SEO) & Multilingual Search

We are managed and maintained by Icreon Multilingual Strategy. Since 2007, we have specialized in multilingual SEO and multilingual websites. Our approach to multilingual SEO and multilingual websites has always been focused on localization and local users. Multilingual Trade offers unique opportunities to reach the huge number of people on the web that do not have English as their first language. In 1997, nearly 90% of websites were in English, now that figure stands at nearer 37%. This means that there is far more content on the web which is not in English. The world wide user of the web, more than ever wants multilingual websites and multilingual SEO so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. The field of multilingual search, multilingual optimization or multilingual optimization is growing rapidly. Make sure you are not left behind.

Our Teams

Our teams are based in over 23 countries worldwide, all experts in multilingual SEO and multilingual websites for their own markets. Our expertise means that we can provide companies with unparalleled knowledge and routes to market.

Our Services

Our services go way beyond website translation to giving you strategic positioning in each target market. In the past, people merely chose to translate. Websites are like any marketing tool, in order to be successful they need to be focused on the target market. Website translation is often ineffective because it is not optimized for search engines in each country.

Why choose US?

Website localization/Multilingual SEO and website translation have become increasingly popular in recent years. Search engines like Google are trying harder than ever to match local websites with local users. Effective Website Localization incorporates all multilingual search and SEO techniques to provide a site which is not just a translation. Websites which take these factors onboard are most likely to achieve results. Multilingual Search and Multilingual Optimization is leading to more business, worldwide - make sure you are in front.

Search engines around the world are moving towards providing local results for relevance to the user. Their criteria are as follows:

1. Language: Search engines will always try and match language content appropriate to the settings of the pc

2. Hosting: Search engines reward sites which are hosted in the country of the searcher.

3. Domain names: Domain names such as .de, .fr etc have increasing importance for local search

4. Link Popularity: Links from within a country are given higher importance

5. Language Encoding: Your content needs to be encoded for each market

6. Text: Not only do you need to use the language of the target market but it also has to be highly relevant to search engines.

We at MLT know and understand the importance of having all these points in place.

That's why:

If you want to reach the global audience you need to communicate on a local level. Multilingual trade offers you the following advantages:

1. Entries written by qualified native speakers with many years experience at web promotion in each country.

2. Many of our sites are hosted in the target country giving you far better access to foreign markets.

3. Most of our sites have a language specific domain name for the region or countries within the same language region.

4. Our sites have link popularity within the language region: offering local results.

5. Our text can be specially written for search engines in each country you are targeting.

Global success

As the % of websites in English have fallen from 96% to 35% in just 7 years, the need to localize for each target market is vital. MLT is website localization made easy. Multilingual or Localized websites, we take the guesswork out of your strategy.

Advantages of US

1. Low cost entry into foreign markets

2. Benefits of website localization/translation

3. Maintained by experts in the field of website localization/translation.

4. Effective campaign strategy

5. Benefits of international search engine optimization

6. Reach a global audience

  1. Over 50% of web users do not have English as their first language.
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